About The Durga Project

The Durga Project was set up to promote handicrafts and natural products produced by Indian artisans and entrepreneurs.  Our aim is to create a strong economic, social and cultural eco-system in which these artistic traditions can thrive.

Every product you choose from our website is created partially or wholly by an independent woman entrepreneur or a craftsperson working in a cooperative or community enterprise, and investing immense time, skill and creativity into producing a one-of-a-kind piece.  When you engage with The Durga Project, you ensure that our artisans receive the equity and recognition they deserve. 

We maintain a distinctive aesthetic and an uncompromising commitment to fine quality in the artisanal products we help bring to market, and are guided by a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility.

The Durga Project works primarily with women artisans and entrepreneurs because they are the pivot around which every community thrives, and in their resilience and strength lies the true feminine power of Shakti or Durga.  The name is also a nod to our hometown of Chitradurga, Karnataka, known to its natives quite simply as 'Durga' or 'fortress', from the landmark that distinguishes its rich history.

The Durga Project is run by Jyotsna Murthy, a filmmaker and communications professional with more than two decades of experience across diverse industries,  audiences and media platforms.